hexaZen is now hosted on SquareSpace

The hexaZen website just underwent a site redesign by moving over to SquareSpace. Previously, the website was powered by Drupal.

Apologies to those who came to our site the past few weeks and it did not work. We were experiencing network problems with our local hosting company. It was a very unfortunate incident and after a lot of frustration working with our hosting company, we have decided to move our business over to SquareSpace. Now, not only do we have a reliable host, but we also have exceptional customer service and technical support.

We first heard about SquareSpace from the guys at Back to Work. If you ever heard any of their podcasts, you would know how much they love SquareSpace. So far, we are loving it too :) For those interested in SquareSpace, the following are the pros and cons we looked at before joining SquareSpace.


    •    No need for manual updates. When there is an update, SquareSpace will take care of it. This is especially so if you are running Drupal on your site. Drupal is updated often and so are its modules. You need to constantly update your site and sometimes updates would break the site. We did not spend a lot of time maintaining the site. The content was mostly static and Drupal may have been overkill for our purposes anyway.
    •    HTML5. The site will work on any device.
    •    Site up and running in very little time. Without looking at any documentation, Susan was able to copy over all the content and setup the site in a couple of days just by playing around with the UI. Sure there could be improvements here and there but she was still impressed.
    •    Customer service rocks! We love the online chat on their site and emails are returned within a few hours, at most. This is a big change for us since our previous hosting company had horrific customer service.
    •    Modern themes to choose from and can be easily customized.


    •    You cannot backup your site. Everything is in the cloud and auto-save kicks in almost immediately so you need to manually undo changes. You cannot save revisions although they are working on this for a future feature.
    •    Annual billing comes with a free custom domain registration but only new domains can qualify. We had to go with a third-party for our domain name transfer since SquareSpace doesn’t support transfers yet.
    •    No custom email addresses. You need to purchase email service from a third-party.

Susan & hexaZen were Mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine

Thanks to an article Susan wrote for Sitepoint on How to Hire a Web Designer back in 2005, she was contacted by Entrepreneur Magazine to give her professional input about a story they were featuring.

The featured story was about how a company lost their original Web Designer and found themselves stumbling to find someone else to finish their website. You can read more about that as well as what Susan had to say in the October issue of Entrepreneur Magazine and on the Entrepreneur website. The article was called How One Small Firm Replaced Its AWOL Site Designer.

iTunes Store Issues with Contraction Tracker Apps

It has been brought to our attention that there have been problems when trying to purchase our Contraction Tracker apps. The apps, Contraction Tracker and Contraction Tracker USA, are still listed in the iTunes store but when a purchase attempt is made, users are getting a message telling them “The item you tried to buy is no longer available.”

We have contacted Apple and are waiting for their response. After further investigation, we may have narrowed down the problem, which they need to look into. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, this may not get resolved for another couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Contraction Tracker/Contraction Tracker USA has been Updated to 1.3

As of today, both versions of the Contraction Tracker has been updated to version 1.3. Everyone is encouraged to update their iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads to this latest version, especially those who have upgraded to iOS 4.

Here is the list of updates in version 1.3:

  • Complied to work with iOS 4
  • Fixed plotting offset when deletions are made
  • Fixed plotting scale for the time axis
  • Fixed minor display bug associated with Start/Stop buttons
  • Fixed bug associated with flagging of possible outliers
  • Email now uses in-app email so that data is sent without quitting the app