Contraction Tracker App is Now in the iTunes Store!

We just checked our contract status this morning and noticed it is now saying "Contract in Effect."  We filled out our online contract on April 24, 2009.  We submitted our application May 2nd and after a minor problem, our app got accepted on May 19th.  Today, our contract was approved.  So the day we have been waiting for for so long has arrived!  Contraction Tracker, the newest app to track labor contractions, is now available in the App Store.

For all Canadians who are planning to develop iPhone apps for sale, our advice is to complete the contract online early instead of wait until your app is completed.  From our experience and what we have heard from other Canadians, the process will take more than just a few weeks.  If you are concerned about your contract, contact Apple through their contact online in iTunes Connect.