Contraction Tracker USA Version is Now in the iTunes Store

The alert feature in our original Contraction Tracker can no longer be offered in the USA due to patent infringement. Those who have already downloaded the Contraction Tracker prior to this new release will still have the alert feature. There is no update. The original app is no longer for sale in the US iTunes store and the Contraction Tracker USA is its replacement. Note the original Contraction Tracker, with the alert, is still being sold everywhere else in the world.

The alert feature allowed users to issue alerts based on the length of their contractions so that they could decide when to take action such as when to head to the hospital. By default, this feature is turned off but can be activated under Settings in the original app.

Because our original app was removed, we lost all of our ratings and reviews. Prior to submitting our replacement app, a screenshot of the app in the US iTunes store was taken.

For those who would like to view the ratings and reviews, here is the screenshot of the Contraction Tracker in the US iTunes store: